What are the “GIOS” AND “GIOS torino” marks?

The GIOS Company, founded in Torino (Italy) in 1948, has been producing for more than sixty years the blue bikes with both the “GIOS” and “GIOS torino” marks. This means that “GIOS” and “GIOS torino” are two different marks used by the same brand “GIOS” in different models.

So. if I buy a new bike marked as “GIOS torino” in Benelux, England or ir another country outside Italy, that means that is not an original GIOS bike?

Since 1988, in order to react to some counterfeit products, the GIOS original products also started to bear the signature of “Alfredo GIOS”, who, presently, is also the exclusive owner of the GIOS brand in all the international markets. In other words, if you are in countries like USA, Germany, Japan, China, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Thailand (and so on)… and you are buying a new “GIOS” or a “GIOS torino” bike that dosen’t bear the signature of “Alfredo Gios”, you are probably facing a counterfeit product or in violation of a commercial agreement and we kindly ask you to report this to us the soonest possible.