how to make a purchase

To place an order you must be registered on

If you are not yet registered, follow these steps:

  • First go to REGISTER on the Start menu.
  • You should register only once. You need an e-mail address and a personal password, and must indicate your home country, gender and date of birth. All other details are optional and merely help us to learn more about you so that we can offer you items that match your needs. Once you have started to place your order you will be prompted to provide invoicing and shipping addresses.

We comply with current data protection regulations and will not pass on your details to third parties.

  • Confirm your data by clicking on “Save”. You will then be redirected to your user account, where you can review, edit and complete your data at any time.

If you wish to delete your GIOS customer account, please contact us and let us know why, to help us improve our services


Entering Orders

  • Once you have selected an item, just specify size and color and click on “Add to Basket”. To delete or edit items in your basket, just click on the “Delete” or “Edit” links.
  • After you have added the item to your basket you can choose to continue shopping and add more items by clicking on “Continue Shopping” or go on to complete your purchase by clicking on “Place Order”.
  • Just follow the steps indicated and complete the information requested. Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.
  • Once you have filled in the personal details required for the order, you can pay online by credit card or PayPal.
  • We will then send you a confirmation email as soon as your order has been placed, with all the details of your purchase.

When the purchase process is completed you can access a summary of your purchase by going to the Orders section. There you have the option of cancelling or returning items and can access the following detailed information:

  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Order status
  • Delivery date
  • Price


Once you have filled in the personal details required for the order, you can choose an online payment platform. Such platforms guarantee privacy and safeguard information during the process of transferring user data, thus ensuring secure transactions.

The payment platform will prompt you to enter your credit card details along with personal data such as your full name and ID number.

Once payment has been made you will receive an e-mail confirming that your order is being processed.


Delivery time

We give an expected delivery time (4-10 working days) and undertake to do all that we can to meet or even improve on it.

If we fail to deliver by the time indicated, please give us a period of grace. In any event you will be informed of any delay.

Once your order has been placed you can see its status by accessing the ORDERS section in your user account. Information on order dates will begin to be updated once the order is confirmed.

For information on your order, please contact our Customer Service Department by telephone on +34 966 60 27 59 or by e-mail at


order tracking

You can track your order via your account. Go to Access/Registration If you are not already registered, fill in your details and register. Once you are registered you can access your orders by entering your e-mail address and password. Orders may have the following statuses:


After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation message by e-mail to let you know that we are processing it.

This message is a confirmation of payment. The order is not considered as confirmed by Orbea until the its status is shown as CONFIRMED in your account, and until then you do not yet have a contractual agreement with us.

It is possible, though unlikely, that there may be stock errors in the system. In that case Orbea will refund the amount paid.


This means that your order is in the system and has been confirmed by, and that we will shortly begin the process of shipping it.


While the status of your order is shown as CONFIRMED, you can still cancel it via the “Orders” tab in “My Account”. If you cancel your order the status shown will immediately change to CANCELLED.

If you have not cancelled your order but its status is shown as CANCELLED, we may have had to cancel it for various reasons. For more information, please contact Customer Service at


We are processing your order.



Your order has left the warehouse. You will receive a confirmation e-mail message and the product will arrive at the address indicated in 4-10 working days.


If you wish to return the order received for any reason, you may do so via the “Orders” tab in “My Account”.

When you ask for the Product to be returned the order status immediately changes to RETURN REQUESTED.


Once we have received the Product at GIOS and confirmed its condition, the order status switches to RETURN ACCEPTED. The price of the items returned will be then refunded in 4-7 days, minus the shipping costs entailed by the sending of the original order.





FREE shipping to all countries for which the sale on is enabled:

España, Alemania, Bélgica, Francia, Holanda, Luxemburgo, Reino Unido, Portugal, Irlanda, Dinamarca, Suecia, Noruega y Finlandia.

For shipments to other countries will be necessary to send email to and once assessed individually the viability of the shipment will receive an answer via email.


Cancellation of Orders

You have the right to cancel one or more items included in your order up to the time when it is shipped. Select the items that you wish to cancel by checking the Cancel Item box and then clicking on OK to confirm cancellation. Once you have completed the cancellation process, we will refund the price via the same method used to make payment.

Terms & conditions for returns

For all returns, you will need a claim number associated with the order. To obtain that number please contact Customer Service for online sales by e-mail at or by telephone on +34 966 60 27 59


Once the product arrives back at GIOS and we confirm its condition the price of the items returned will be refunded in 4-7 days, minus the shipping costs entailed by the sending of the original order.



If you observe any knocks or damage on the packaging when you receive your order, make a note of them on the delivery note provided by the shipping company (e.g. “packaging damaged”) and return the package unopened to the carrier. Then report the incident immediately to our customer service staff by telephone on +34 966 60 27 59 or by e-mail to



If you receive an item you have not ordered by mistake, please send an email to or call +34 966 60 27 59



Products can only be returned in exchange for a refund. If you need a different size or color, or wish to acquire alternative products, you must place a new order.


Warranty Terms & Conditions


By law, we offer either a two-year LIMITED WARRANTY


  • GIOS provides a warranty on all products that it manufactures and/or distributes against any nonconformity issues for the first two years after their purchase. This warranty is valid only for the original buyer of the product, who is entitled to the repair and/or replacement of the defective product completely free of charge for the affected user in the event of any nonconformity.
  • This warranty also specifically covers paint, varnish and corrosion defects on all frames and rigid forks assembled on our bicycles during the period specified in the first paragraph hereof.
  • This legal warranty from GIOS is fully compatible with the legal and sales warranties offered by the manufacturers and dealers of the individual components of other brands fitted to our bicycles, and in the event of any nonconformity in any such component the user must process the individual warranty claim for same directly with said manufacturers or dealers.


  • When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide a copy of the purchase document (sales invoice) for the bicycle to GIOS.
  • The user must maintain the product purchased in good working condition, according to the instructions and recommendations provided in the instruction booklet accompanying the bicycle. GIOS may reject any warranty claims that are the direct result of poor product maintenance by the user.
  • This warranty is null and void in cases of damage or defects arising from negligent use of the bicycle, the mounting of non-original accessories not supplied or mounted by our factory, or any inappropriate manipulation or maintenance operations by you, the user, or by any third party on your behalf.
  • Due to the inherent hazards associated with using a bicycle on roads or trails and the physical risks arising from its use, this warranty refers only to the replacement of non-conforming components and does not cover any personal injury that may arise directly or indirectly from malfunction during use. In case of a traffic accident, regardless of the direct cause, the warranty provided by GIOS is null and void.

Access/Registration is a customized page for you as an individual user, with the services that GIOS offers you. If you are already registered, enter your e-mail address and password to:

  • See/modify your personal details.
  • See the status of your current and past orders.
  • Create an account.
  • Access your account.