GIOS has demostrated its know-how in the sports world for decades.

In a world as demanding and professional as professional cycling, GIOS has achieved a top position in the creation of bicycles that combine: TECHNOLOGY, TRADITION and CARE FOR THE DETAILS.

GIOS has been envolving and adapting day by day to the new needs of the most demanding athletes.

The new GIOS´ generation translates all the experience of the brand in the sports world to a new sector, launching a new product line: GIOS Teamwear.

GIOS Teamwear, the new generation of the winning blue

Lots of victories under one single colour, the 'BLU GIOS'.

Alfredo GIOS looked for a special colour which fitted perfectly with the 'stars & stripes', design of the Brooklyn team jersey. After some tests, he chose the blue colour, because of its brilliant, electric, eye-catching and surrealist tone. The 'BLU GIOS' was born.

Since then, for more than 70 years, many have been the victories achieved with GIOS. Many times in which the 'BLU GIOS' has managed to become the BLUE WINNER and that have allowed the brand to be recognized worldwide by this colour.


GIOS TEAMWEAR new Official Technical Supplier of AC OSASUNA MAGNA

GIOS Teamwear is the brand of team wear equipment’s that the…


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