Looking back at 1958, Mr. ALFREDO GIOS, with just 18, started working in the family business, which had been founded ten years before by his father Tolmino, an excellent professional cyclist in the late 30s. His victories brought him to be part of the Italian national team at the Olympic Games of Berlin in 1936.

Tolmino GIOS started working in his little bike shop in Turin focused on selling city bikes.


The biggest next step for the company came in November 1971 when Alfredo GIOS made contact with Giorgio PERFETTI, owner of the worldwide known chewing gum brand “BROOKLYN”, at the Milán bike show where GIOS was displaying his new model “EASY RIDER”. Attracted by the design and features of this bike, Perfetti commissioned immediately 100 units for a raffle organised by his company among its clients.

Blue Gios

Lots of victories under one single colour, the “GIOS BLUE”. Alfredo GIOS looked for a special colour which fitted perfectly with the “stars & stripes”, design of the Brooklyn team jersey. After some tests, he chose the blue colour, because of its brilliant, electric, eye-catching and surrealist tone. The “BLU GIOS” was born.

70’s – 80’s

In 1978 Alfredo signed an agreement with Gustav Jannsens, owner of a famous Belgian ice cream factory. Shortly after, the great Didi Thurau was introduced to the press as the leading man of the “IJSBOERKE GIOS” team. Many years came full of victories for the GIOS bikes, mainly based in two constants: AERODYNAMIC & PROFESSIONALISM.

Kelme & The 90’s

Two years later, in 1991, the super champion Stephen Roche, chose GIOS bikes for his victories of that season. Still today, the Irish rider keeps a close friendship with Alfredo.

From 1994 to 1999, 6 great seasons of an amazing collaboration came with the KELME team.


At the beginning of the next decade, a new winner came powerful: Ivan Quaranta. His spectacular speed in the last 200 meters gave him two victories at Giro de Italia of 2001 among many others during that season.

In 2004, Alfredo GIOS was contacted by Jesús Suarez Cueva, a former rider of the great KELME team, which had been sponsored by GIOS in the beginning of the 80s. “RELAX“, a professional team of an excellent level with Paco Mancebo, Oscar Sevilla and Dani Moreno, was born. 2005, 2006 and 2007 are years with a lot of important victories that keep growing the history of the “GIOS BLUE”

GIOS today

Nowadays, the GIOS company takes part in every international bike show and its worldwide sales team and customer service is today managed by two branches: GIOS ASIA/PACIFIC based in Hong Kong and GIOS INTERNATIONAL, headed by Luca Tolmino GIOS, Alfredo’s son.

Since 2016 to 2019, GIOS was the official technical supplier of the legendary Colombian team “MANZANA POSTOBON”. GIOS brand and Colombian cycling have been collaborating for many years, by supplying bikes to winners as “CHEPE” Gonzalez, Santiago Botero, Herman Buenahora, Carlos Alberto Contreras…

Today GIOS is official technical supplier of the GIOS Kiwi Atlantico.